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The mission of Women and Children's Horizons is to provide support, shelter, education, training and healing services to victims of sexual and domestic abuse, their families and the community.


Children's Services

Child needs are addressed through various groups, such as the Child Witness Groups. Child Witness groups, for residents and non-resident children, allow children to learn and talk about domestic violence and its effects on them. Children learn about safety plans, self-esteem, healthy behavior and more.

Safe Exchange

The Primary goal is to help parents reduce the stress of visitation exchanges with their children. 

  • Supervised transfers of children from one parent to the other
  • Neutral site for regular visitation
  • Staggered arrival and departure times to eliminate contact between parents
  • Pre-registration required

How do I register for Safe Exchange?

Call 262-652-9900 to set up an appointment.

How much does it cost?

It is a free service.

Do I have to be a victim of domestic violence to use Safe Exchange?

No. Anyone wishing to reduce their children's exposure to conflict by reducing parental contact can utilize Safe Exchange.

Where will Safe Exchange take place?

At Women and Children's Horizons.

What are the hours?

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 5pm. 

*Not available on holidays

If you are interested in learning more about Safe Exchange Program, contact us at 262-652-9900