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kenosha, wi

Mission Statement

“The mission of Women and Children’s Horizons is to provide support, shelter, advocacy, education, training and healing services to victims of sexual and domestic abuse, their families and the community.”

Vision Statements

Ø  Peace in our community

Ø  Absence of victimization in our community

Ø  No more violence

Ø  No more Abuse

Ø  No more victims

Ø  Eliminate abuse – no more victimization

Ø  Eliminate abuse – end victimization 

Value Statements

Ø  Respect – We believe that all people should be treated with consideration, dignity, equality and justice.

Ø  Empowerment– We are committed to serving with empathy, compassion and giving hope.

Ø  Confidentiality– we are committed to act in an confidential, ethical and honest manner

Ø  Team work – we committed to effective partnerships between volunteers and staff and seeking opportunities for partnerships with the community.

Ø  Integrity – we are committed to act in an ethical and honest manner


Domestic abuse

Emergency Shelter

Transitional Living

Children's Services

Legal Advocacy

Batterer's Treatment

Family Intervention

Sexual Assault

Underserved Population

Human Trafficking